Who said it and why? The following quotations are taken from issues of the Herald Democrat published during 2021. They are presented in no particular order.

“I’m here today to express a confidence crisis in our current BOCC. This board is not taking care of what little we have. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, you should quit.”

– Former Commissioner Ken Olsen on the BOCC

“Risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little, risk nothing to save nothing.”

– Firefighter Alex Conlin on his mentality around rescues

“It was such a great experience with the burros everywhere and the kindest people on earth. I’ll never forget it.”

– Denver resident Iretta Bell on running the 1959 Leadville International Pack Burro Race as one of the first women to compete in the event

“It’s time to reclaim our past.”

– University of Colorado Denver professor Jim Walsh during a dedication ceremony for the future Irish memorial at Evergreen Cemetery

“In the future I want to compete internationally. I want to compete for the U.S. Ski Team and go to the Olympics some day.”

– Internationally-ranked skier Nina Schamberger on her future ambitions

“There has been an overarching concern with the planning aspect of this project. Communication with Xcel has not been as great as we had hoped.”

– Commissioner Kayla Marcella on Xcel Energy’s multi-year natural gas line replacement project

“The trees weren’t going to ask me for a green card. And the mountains didn’t care what language my parents spoke.”

– Vanessa Saldivar, executive director of Get Outdoors Leadville!, on feeling welcome in the outdoors

“If I can take some of the load off of a new mom to help her through her breastfeeding journey or just tell her that she’s amazing and doing a good job, then I want that for every woman.”

– Taryn Barrette, of the Lake County Breastfeeding Coalition, on supporting new mothers

“The issue of parking in congested areas can be such an emotional topic. We want to help create a program that prioritizes residents, but doesn’t hinder tourists’ ability to visit the area.”

– Mallory Baker, of Walker Consultants, on the city’s parking plan

“The hospital stepped up eventually. But a lot of this was avoidable and completely unnecessary.”

– Lake County veteran Howard Hill on a lapse of medical services at St. Vincent Health

“We’ve been discovered.”

– Marla Akridge, executive director of the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation, on economic growth in Lake County

“What kind of sheriff’s department doesn’t have a jail? Who would want to work like that?”

– Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Caleb Cramer on the lack of local jail

“In general, the Lake County community is currently unprepared for a big fire. But this planning gets everyone on the same page and speaking the same language so that we can be ready should a fire occur.”

– Mike Conlin, facilitator of Lake County Open Space Initiative, on local wildfire planning efforts

“I don’t want to be the one responsible for damaging Lake County’s environment.”

– Union Milling representative Nick Michael on his company’s proposed milling operation at the Leadville Mill

“This is our home. I have known my neighbors for a long time. I know the voices and schedules of my neighbors, and I know they will be there for me if I need help. That’s worth protecting.”

– Esther Soto-Arambula, president of Cooperativa Nueva Union, on protecting her home

“It has always been my goal to have excellent health care in a unified setting. Care will continue seamlessly. We are simplifying the way folks access health care.”

– Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger on gifting her practice to St. Vincent Health

“I plan to win those people over with good food, service and value.”

– Marcee Lundeen on receiving negative feedback about opening a vegan diner

“The pandemic has really highlighted a lot of historic inequalities in our community. We realized that we had to bring internet to students, but what other resources would we offer in that process? We had to get creative.”

– Carlye Sayler, healthy schools director at Lake County School District, on opening the mobile learning center

To be continued next week.

“They’re drawing a big fat salary for doing nothing.”

– Timothy Harelson, a Leadville local, on the Board of County Commissioners

“I feel our downtown is exposed. At any minute, a McDonald’s or a Starbucks could open up in our historic corridor. I’ve felt this sense of urgency for a few years now.”

– Mayor Greg Labbe on enacting protections against franchise businesses

“This was a prudent step that I needed to take for the integrity of cases that former Deputy Reynolds was involved in. I was concerned for his psychological fitness for duty.”

– Fifth Judicial District Attorney Heidi McCollum on former deputy Sam Reynolds

“My hope is that the museum will continue to thrive after I’m gone, and that our community will realize what an asset we have.”

– National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum Executive Director Stephen Whittington announcing his retirement

“I find that petty swipes and lack of professionalism in the letter is unfortunately par for the sheriff’s course.”

– City Council member Dana Greene of Lake County Sheriff Amy Reyes’ letter to Mayor Greg Labbe regarding sheriff’s deputy coverage within city limits

“At the beginning of the season, I was worried that one of my teammates was faster than me or that I wasn’t fast enough. Then I think we realized that it wasn’t going to matter who was fastest as long as we were fast as a team. Like overcoming the individual mindset to be a team.”

– Keira King, of the Lake County High School girls cross-country team, on her team’s journey to the state championship title

“We have a tendency to accomplish much more through partnerships with the city.”

– County Commissioner Kayla Marcella on partnering with the City of Leadville on affordable housing efforts

“I’m really proud of what we do here and what we’ve been able to accomplish. We want to keep doing more.”

– Ski Cooper General Manager Dan Torsell on the mountain’s swelling profits

“Right now, the amount of use we have and the ramifications of that use are not sustainable.”

– Leadville District Ranger Pat Mercer on an increase in vehicle-based dispersed camping in Lake County over the last few years.

“This space is for the community. We are just the engine.”

– Avery Williams, co-owner of Zero Day Coffe, on opening the coffee shop on East Seventh Street

“I hope it’s really apparent how important the issue of housing is, not just for our community, but across the nation.”

– Leadville resident Cooper Mallozzi to Governor Jared Polis

“Students should have great facilities, but I don’t think we should be taking money from the pockets of educators.”

– Lake County School District teacher Keely Kuehl on the district’s proposed use of general fund dollars to build a new intermediate school

“They are all people who came to Leadville seeking a better life. In the end, most never achieved that better life, despite working hard and sacrificing everything.”

– Tess Julian, vice president of Irish Network Colorado, on Cloud City’s Irish immigrants

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