The weather for Lake County’s middle school cross-country race last weekend was completely opposite the conditions from the week before. On Thursday, Sept. 3, when the Panthers competed against other Peaks League teams at Homestake Peak, it was sunny and very hot.  But on Thursday, Sept. 10, the weather in Edwards was rainy and cold. In general, Lake County’s runners prefer the latter.

Lake County’s top middle school boy was Jake Cairns, who finished fourth in 13 minutes and 44 seconds. Just behind Cairns was Jaren Peters in fifth with a time of 13:48. Wes Sandoval had his strongest race of the season, which earned him third place for the Lake County team — he was 14th overall with a time of 15:49. Jude Peters continued his steady pacing, completing the 3-kilometer course in 16:49, earning him 20th place. Ben Woodcock had an excellent race, finishing less than a minute behind Peters. Woodcock took 23rd with a time of 17:43.  Leo Bloodgood placed 27th in 21:18,and Merritt Baker placed 28th in 22:16.

There was some confusion in the girls race, and many of the competitors got off course, including some of the Panthers. In the final results, Indigo Olsen was the first Lake County girl to finish.  She placed ninth in 16:32. Then came a pack of Lake County girls: Aimee Lenhard (11th in 16:52), Sarah Gutierrez (12th in 16:54), Chloe King (13th in 16:56) and Layla Horning (14th in 16:58). Amara Olsen ran 17:22 for 16th place. Chloe Moffitt, Daphne Duran and Cynthia Garcia made up another Panther pack. They finished in 26th, 27th and 28th respectively, with times of 23:08, 23:19 and 23:30.  Faith Pongrekun crossed the finish line in 23:51 and 30th place.

Both the boys and girls took third in the team competition.


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