Rumors circulating around town were confirmed Tuesday with a press release announcing a limited partnership between Leadville Trail 100 President Ken Chlouber and Life Time Fitness Chairman, President and CEO Bahram Akradi.

"The Leadville Trail 100 organization and event series now are a part of Life Time Fitness and its family of athletic events," the press release says.

Karen Jayne Leinberger, Life Time Fitness public relations, confirmed that Ken Chlouber is the limited partner.

Generally a limited partnership includes a general partner responsible for the business and a limited partner that receives a return on its investment.

According to the press release, "No event or management changes for the Leadville Trail 100 are planned for the foreseeable future."

Akradi was the driving force behind the partnership. He has finished the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race two times and is in town preparing for the event on Aug. 14, according to the press release.

"I am proud to partner with the Leadville Trail 100 team and honored to have this incredible event series join our Life Time athletic events family," said Akradi. "Additionally, one of the biggest assets of the Leadville Trail 100 is the Leadville community and the way it embraces the events and participants each year. Leadville is a special place, and we intend to continue to uphold the tradition that has been established by this special series of events."

Life Time Fitness has been a title sponsor of the event for two years.

"My overreaching goal always has been the economic development and vitality of Leadville/Lake County," said Chlouber. "That will not change. As a result of Life Time's partnership, the Leadville Trail 100's bright future just got brighter."

Chlouber started the Leadville Trail 100 in 1983 as a way to draw visitors to the area during the economic downturn caused by the closure of the Climax Molybdenum Mine.

The organization has evolved from 45 entrants in the 100-mile foot race into a series of running and mountain-bike races with thousands of participants.

In 2001, the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy, a non-profit charitable arm of the organization, was created to further benefit the Lake County community.

Among the Legacy's contributions have been scholarships to Lake County High School graduates moving on to higher education for two years in a row.

This foundation is not included in the partnership, said Leinberger, and will continue to operate as it has.

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