Leadville Racing

Members of Leadville Racing and their families help tear down a mountain bike race venue at Colorado Mountain College.

Leadville Racing hosted its first mountain biking meet of the season at the Colorado Mountain College campus on Aug. 28 and 29.

The first races of the day were the junior varsity (JV) boys and varsity girls.

Matt Cairns finished the two-lap race with a time of 1:06:20 putting him in 25th place out of 95 in his division. JV boys rider Truth Mooney earned a time of 1:20:20, finishing in 64th place. Varsity girls rider Elona Greene finished with a time of 1:10:47, putting her in fourth place in the varsity girls division.

The next group to race for Leadville Racing was the sophomore girls. Rose Horning raced so well in this division that she was moved up to JV girls. Her time of 1:08:37 was the second fastest girls time of the weekend, and she is now the race leader in the JV girls division. Avery Milne, also a sophomore, was unable to finish the second lap to no fault of her own.

Next on the course were the freshman boys. Barrett Poupore led the way with a time of 1:09:32, placing 15th out of 97. Poupore was followed closely by Logan Charles, who finished 26th with a time of 1:13:14.

The race day finished with the freshman girls. Ella Bullock’s time of 1:16:58 was good enough for second place overall. Bullock was followed closely by her sister, Susie Bullock, who came in fourth with a time of 1:20:03. Rounding out the team was freshman rider Amara Olson, who finished in 13th place with a time of 1:41:35.

The next race of the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League is set for Saturday, Sept. 25 in Snowmass. As of right now, no team standings have been determined.

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