The Lake County Tourism Panel is inviting local retail shops to add their listings to a soon-to-be-created “shopping section” on This new section is intended to support area shops during COVID-19 and beyond by providing an additional avenue to promote online sales.

Recent research conducted by the tourism panel found that shopping was the fourth most popular activity county visitors engaged in during their time in Lake County. In the past calendar year, 93,000 users visited Of those, 85% were new visitors, meaning that posting business info in the new shopping section gives area businesses the potential to be seen by a constant stream of new customers. When an online viewer identifies your business via an online source, they are more likely to remember your shop’s name and seek it out.

According to the tourism panel, retail shops contribute to the authentic experience that travelers are looking for when planning a vacation to Leadville/Twin Lakes. For some visitors, shopping itself, finding handmade goods unique to the location or the perfect souvenir, is an essential component of the overall travel experience. Featuring retailers on the website will complement the existing lodging and restaurant sections, providing the potential visitor with a more complete picture of what the area has to offer in addition to outdoor and historical attractions.

The shopping section will highlight Lake County’s boutiques, art galleries, antique stores, unique gift and souvenir shops, as well as stores offering everyday and specialty items the tourist might need during their travels. A listing in the shopping section will provide retail businesses with great online exposure to potential visitors. As visitors plan their Lake County lodging, dining and activities, they will now be able to plan their shopping experiences too.

The COVID-19 mandatory closures have impacted many local businesses. As Lake County prepares to open up to tourists again, the tourism panel acknowledges that there may be little room in budgets for advertising. Retailers are encouraged to take advantage of this free opportunity to direct shoppers to their online stores and get their brick and mortar stores on travelers’ itineraries before they ever hit the county line.

Retailers may submit a brief summary of their shop, up to four photographs, and a link to the shop’s website at

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