Lake County School District (LCSD) selected Bethany Massey to fill the role of superintendent for the district last Friday.

Following a five-month search that began in November and saw three finalists considered by the LCSD Board of Education, Massey was selected for the role after a remotely-held town hall meeting April 1.

Massey, who currently works as an elementary school principal for the South Routt School District, will take the place of Wendy Wyman beginning July 1.

Massey began her career as an instructional designer, helping teachers tailor their instruction to online education, and followed that experience by becoming a middle school teacher near Houston. She relocated to Colorado after accepting a position in the Summit School District.

After two years in the Summit School District, Massey became the district’s director of assessment and technology, a role she filled for eight years before becoming the preschool and elementary principal for the South Routt School District.

Since beginning her teaching career over 15 years ago, Massey has aspired to be a superintendent in order to have as much of an impact as possible in helping students better their education, Massey said in an email.

In her past roles, Massey has specialized in education technology to help aid Latino and English-language-learning students engage in education and introduced more science, technology, engineering and math programs to increase students’ exposure to career opportunities.

Massey said her first initiative as superintendent will be to create a district-wide strategic plan informed by community input to create and work towards measurable goals.

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