Von Rodman Marshall

Von Rodman “Rod” Marshall, 67, of Colorado Springs passed away unexpectedly March 18, 2021.

Marshall was born in Temple, Texas to Alton and Theda Marshall. He grew up with Nan, Don, Dan and Jo Marshall and Glen Robert. In the early 1970s he moved to Leadville to work at the Climax mine. It was there he met his wife Ronda Marshall. Together they had two boys and Rod was also a father to Ronda’s third son. Eventually the two parted ways.

Marshall was a man of positivity and happiness, his family said. No matter what was going on in his life, he maintained a positive spirit. He was a man of many stories and could always keep a crowd engaged. Marshall loved fishing, hiking, golfing, concerts, astronomy, and in the earlier days taking his boys on unforgettable road trips.

Marshall is preceded in death by his parents Alton and Theda Marshall, and his siblings Nan Marshall, Dan Marshall and Don Marshall.

Marshall is survived by his sister Jo Marshall; his children Zade Marshall (Crystal), Tristan Marshall (Jasmine) and TriZa Marshall; his nephews Glen Robert, Michael Brown and Montana Marshall; his niece Angela; his ex-wife Ronda Marshall; and grandchildren Justin Marshall, Jordan Marshall, Tristan Marshall, Tatum Marshall and Aaliyah Marshall.