A group of locals pose after helping a driver change a tire on Saturday.


OnSaturday I was leaving Leadville and damaged my tire going through an intersection with road work. Within minutes of stopping, a group of young men and a woman noticed the sliced tire and insisted on helping me. They worked efficiently together removing the damaged tire, replacing it with the spare and checking to see if there was any other damage. One said that his Mom would insist that he help a stranded motorist (they very politely left out someone of my age).They made sure that I was careful not to travel over 50 mph on the small donut, as I needed to drive down to Denver to pick up a replacement tire.

I was so grateful that I overlooked my unfortunate and expensive mishap. I thought how lucky I was to have stopped in that particular location and how wonderful people can be. At a time when there is so much destruction and vandalism, this group of local young adults stepped in to be helpful, showing patience, respect and kindness. 

L Sullivan



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