I am very pleased to support Hanna Waugh in her campaign for District 3 Lake County Commissioners. A welcome third party candidate in Lake County, Hanna has made it clear that her campaign is about people over politics. This will also be her philosophy as she moves into a role as county commissioner. Hanna understands Lake County from the ground up. She grew up in Lake County and is a graduate of Lake County High School. She passionate about the economic and social health of Lake County. She knows and cares for residents from all walks of life. 

Hanna is a Libertarian Party candidate, but politics do not define her. As a third-party candidate, she is certainly not beholden to Republic or Democratic protected interests at state and national levels. It is time to put to rest antiquated jokes about who will pave the roads if a Libertarian candidate should win the county commissioners’ race. Still, true to Libertarian values that are shared by many voters in Colorado of all parties, Hanna is committed to fiscal responsibility. She will strive to make Lake County financial issues clear to all citizens and will be an excellent steward of the Lake County’s resources. She will tolerate no obfuscation in county government, whether financial, regulatory, or operational. On Hanna’s watch, there will no puzzlement about economic issues or county governance. Hanna understands that all Lake County residents pay taxes and that stewardship of our citizens’ tax money is of paramount importance. 

Hanna is an ultimate communicator who will be open to her entire constituency. She believes that the voices of all Lake County residents must be heard, regardless of where they live or work or go to school. She has stated her intention to hold open office hours and meetings at times when residents can attend. No matter what a person’s role in Lake County, that person will have Hanna Waugh’s ear. In addition to fiscal responsibility, Hanna believes in fairness and equality for all, which will extend to personnel and staffing issues and county policies at all levels. 

I am proud to endorse Hanna Waugh and encourage Lake County residents to vote for her. Want to know more about Hanna and why she is the best choice for Lake County? Please visit her Facebook page (Hanna Waugh for Lake County Commissioner) and website for more details about her policies: https://www. hanna4lakecounty.com/policies

Christine A Whittington 

Lake County

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