Halloween began as a celebration of the harvest and to chase away the evil spirits from the year and is now fast approaching. Everyone is trying to find inventive ways for traditional trick or treating: candy chutes from the door to the mailbox. They look like they will be fun to build, but that raises the question, should we be trick or treating? Los Angeles canceled trick or treating, what about Colorado? Maybe not traditional trick or treating, but what about making Halloween a day-long event in Leadville?

Crowding seems to usually be an issue with any event open to the public for a few hours ... why waste a Saturday Halloween waiting for 4 p.m. trick or treating? If you work on Halloween, wouldn’t you like to take your kid to do something special? Instead of Trick or Treat Street, how about a parade, with the kids getting a bucket with candy before the parade to show off their costumes and get to be the center of attention? This opens the parade up for all ages and families. A parade for adults to enjoy and for the kids to do all the work.

Use the Trick or Treat Street donations to make buckets full of candy for the kids that can be handed out by the police/fire departments. For those of us who love to decorate our yards and houses, how about making photo-friendly displays, and have your display up all Halloween day for photos, candy optional.

This way everyone can join in with the fun, see all the costumes and enjoy a beautiful autumn day. If it snows, I guess the fire/police departments could drop off the candy to the kids’ houses?

Vanessa Langston



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