The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association is seeking the next generation of leadership for our board of directors. If you have a passion for taking care of the public lands of the Upper Arkansas Valley, environmental education, and sustainability, we would love to connect with you. Board members for Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA) provide guidance on the strategic direction of the organization, help raise funds to ensure our vital mission continues, and are ambassadors in the community championing the stewardship of our natural resources and inspiring a conservation ethic in both residents and visitors.

Focused on more than environmental issues, GARNA recognizes that how it builds, plans and cares for the communities in the Upper Arkansas Valley increases community resilience, and that makes a difference in how the community values and stewards the natural environment. GARNA’s geographic range spans the 143-mile section of the jointly managed Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Bureau of Land Management Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area State Park. GARNA believes that public lands are part of the heart and soul of the valley.

GARNA is a community connector through its Youth Ecological Literacy Program, popular clubs, such as the birding, hiking, photography and book clubs, as well as it’s community education programs that give residents and visitors a sense of place. GARNA is a popular landing place for new residents to the area who want to know more about the valley’s natural resources, water management, public lands management and sustainability issues. They learn about these issues and more through GARNA programs ranging from fire ecology to composting and recycling, to mushroom and wildflower hikes.

GARNA manages one of the largest groups of volunteers in the Upper Arkansas River Valley through the Upper Arkansas Wilderness Volunteers and Friends of Fourmile chapters, as well as sustainability initiatives and other programs.  Each year, over 200 hardworking volunteers clean, maintain and improve the health of the river ecosystem in the Arkansas Headwater Recreation Area State Park, as well as the surrounding public lands managed by federal agencies. GARNA public education programs reach almost 5,000 people per year, with a Youth Ecological Literacy Program that reaches over 1,700 youth per year with place-based, pro-social and STEM programs in Leadville, Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado.

Please contact Dominique Naccarato,, (719)-221-4711, to learn more about being a GARNA Board member and how we can work together to build a stronger GARNA for the future together.

Dominique Naccarato


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