Writing around in circles all day might show some intelligence, but do I really know what I’m talking about?

I was approached by members of this community to address a situation they were feeling uncomfortable about. Their concerns seem to be centered around the amount of time their kids are spending with computers and what might be done about it.

The internet should be realized as a tool, not integrated into our childrens’ consciousness as part of their real world personality. Now, honestly, can we really trust some software company writing up a master plan for our kids’ education?

I am proposing a parallel curriculum in our public schools, grades one through 12, where parents who are sick and tired of the internet, cell phones and television-watching can have their kids educated without computers. We would be creating a very progressive school system with a goal of producing children who view the internet as a tool, not a lifestyle.

It only takes a few weeks to learn how to use a computer. I think it would be all right if we let the human brain develop a little bit more before saturating it deep into our digital world.

William Noland


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