Well, this might get some discussion. We have been in New Mexico for the last two months. They have a statewide mask mandate. When you go anywhere in public, 95 percent of people have masks on and they are worn properly.

Where we were near the Navajo Nation, we have two young friends in their 30s who have 11 immediate family members that died from COVID-19. They understand the importance of masks — why don’t our fellow citizens in Lake County understand the severity?

I have been reading about how COVID-19 is overwhelming the hospitals in Colorado. The experts say they don’t know why. Well, when I went to Safeway this morning, it was as plain as the nose on my face — which was covered. There’s the answer. Excluding the employees, I saw very, very, very few people with masks on.

Coming back yesterday, I spoke to a woman from Texas who was wearing a mask. She showed me the one that she wears back in Texas. It says “I wear this mask because I can’t trust you.”

Harry Camp


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