I would like to call attention to an experience I had recently that to me shows what makes Leadville so special.

I had an accident, was treated at the hospital and told to make an appointment at the clinic. I am accustomed to going to the clinic at the hospital and assumed that was where I was supposed to go, so my husband dropped me off at the hospital and left to run some errands.

At the reception desk I was told that the clinic had moved, and the receptionist gave me directions which I clearly misunderstood, so in the rain and the chill I started walking to where I thought she told me to go. I know I looked pathetic, in pain and getting very wet when this lovely young woman with her toddler stopped and asked me where I was going. She insisted that I get in the car; she took me to the clinic, and when we got there insisted on helping me out of the car and into the facility to make sure I was where I had an appointment. She didn’t need to do any of that. She was clearly out with her daughter getting errands done and could easily have kept driving.

I feel terrible that I did not get her name and address so that I could thank her properly, so I thought that this was the next best thing. Thank you, kind stranger, for being the kind of person we have met many times in the 14 years we have spent in Leadville as almost full-time residents. Yet another example of many of what makes Leadville special.

Diane Smith

Lake County

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