Talk about irresponsible government. It is worse than appalling to read that anyone with an education would even think about taking a beautiful historic house and turn it into workforce housing.  What a travesty. Instead of preserving the history of Leadville and using it to your advantage, you have chosen to take a “bold” approach. A bold approach would be to take $795,000.00, which is a lot of money, and do the right thing with it.

After reading between the lines, it is apparent that this deal was done without thinking it through, but most importantly, it was done in a way that appears to be secretive.  The Herald’s article states that the homeowners near the property attended the “special meeting” on short notice. Short notice is the key phrase since you plan to close on the house in May, not to mention that if the idea had been put forward in the proper manner, a special meeting on short notice would not have been necessary. That leaves no recourse for anyone who may object to this deal to do anything about it; therefore the short notice appears to be intentional.

I thought that democracy meant that the taxpayers had a say in government, but you have not given anyone time for their input and concerns. You have totally disrespected and ignored the effect that this will have on those who live nearby. Parking alone is going to have a major impact.

I have been in all of the houses on “Banker’s Row,” and I know how much time and money was spent to restore them to their original glory, so it is absurd to think that anyone in a position that requires forethought and responsibility to the people that pay your wages would deliberately do a despicable thing like this.

I lived in Leadville most of my life and just recently had to leave, but I still own property and pay taxes there. My family has been in Leadville since it first started. I am deeply offended at this blatant disregard for Leadville’s history and  the way in which you are refusing to acknowledge the involvement of the neighborhood and anyone else who is opposed to it.

The City Council has done just enough to be within the laws that they are required to follow, but nevertheless, it looks bad. Neil Reynolds, who always respected and revered Leadville history, recently gave the House with the Eye to the city. Are you going to turn that into workforce housing too?

Joan Nolen-Kimble


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