You may have noticed a small but vocal group of Black Lives Matter protesters on Harrison Avenue each Sunday evening this summer. These protests are organized by One Leadville, a loose coalition of activists and concerned citizens in our town. One Leadville was created in the wake of Donald Trump’s election with the goal of advocating for immigrants and people of color in our community, as well as highlighting the important role that immigrants have played in Leadville’s proud history.

When we protest each week, we are demonstrating against police abuse and systemic racism on a national and local level. Recently we have expanded our protest to include immigrant advocacy themes such ending ICE raids in our community.

If you support Black Lives Matter and immigrant advocacy, we invite you to join us at the weekly protest and make your voice heard. But equally importantly, if you do not agree with Black Lives Matter, we invite you to introduce yourself and engage us in respectful conversation. And finally, if you are a member of our local law enforcement, we invite you to engage with us and help us understand the work you are doing to ensure that police abuse and racial profiling do not take place in Leadville and Lake County. We share the same goal of making Lake County as safe as possible for all residents. We are all neighbors.

We will be protesting each Sunday from 5-6 p.m. at the courthouse. We hope to see you there.

Ray McGaughey

One Leadville

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