This has been a year of immense struggle. It seems that everywhere we turn there has been chaos introduced.

Children have taken off time from visiting grandma and grandpa to quarantine at home because one of their classmates has COVID-19. Oldsters at senior living centers suffer from isolation and depression. Each of us grieve the loss of friends, family members or acquaintances who have died alone. Jane and I chose not to vaccinate while other family members are fully vaccinated. How do we stay engaged with each other and continue to express love to those who think differently than we do?

For Jane and I, grave concerns about election integrity, the proper vetting of immigrants at our borders, a shaky economy along with individuals set on rewriting the godly foundations of our country have produced an unsettling effect.

Science has awakened a moral sensitivity regarding ending the life of a child in the womb, and young people, without a moral compass or hope, find suicide a viable option.

This is Christmas! Why such a downer Christmas letter? The good news is that amid chaos 2,000 years ago, a baby was born in Bethlehem. God is not unfamiliar with chaos.It was in chaos that the world was created. What was introduced by the birth of Jesus is the reality that God cares for and deeply loves each one of us. When we come to the point of feeling overwhelmed, lost in darkness or unable to see our way; when we cry out, “Is there something more?” God, our Creator, reaches down, listens to our cry and comforts us with the Christmas story. “I sent my son as a child. He grew up as a man. In his death he became the Savior of the World.” Joy to the world the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King.

Be blessed as you ponder ‘God with Us’ in this season of hope and joy.

David Horning


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