My name is Hanna Waugh and I am proud to be running for District 3 County Commissioner. Having been born and raised in Lake County, it is my duty to serve the community that has made me the person I am today.

I am running for county commissioner to bring transparency and respect to the office. We are in a time where we need more than words and promises to serve our community. We need honesty and decisive action to make it through our present situation. I’ve built my career by consistently making principled and practical decisions to solve problems. I look forward to bringing those qualities with me to the Board of County Commissioners.

When elected I vow to look beyond political parties. I will do what is best for our community by listening to our neighbors without taking cues from hotshots in Denver and Washington D.C. You are the reason I am running, who I want to represent. Nobody else.

I will work to balance our budget and cut our frivolous spending. Our budget should be easy for every taxpayer in our community to understand. It should not be hundreds of pages that even people with finance degrees can’t figure out. Businesses and families are facing unprecedented financial struggles. Now more than ever we must be able to trust that the taxes we continue to pay are being administered wisely.

I will ensure that our community knows what is going on in our county by holding regular office hours and by working with my fellow commissioners to create policies and procedures that guide our decisions. I will work to ensure that all commissioner meetings are recorded, that the minutes are published in multiple ways and are available in both English and Spanish. I will keep our meeting schedules regular and after work hours so that you can be there too.

I want to be the elected official that everyone who lives in Lake County knows and trusts. I can’t promise that we will always agree, but you will always know where I stand and the reasons behind the decisions I make as your representative. I humbly ask for your support and your vote for county commissioner this November. Don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or even Facebook message me. It is about the people over politics. I am here to serve our community and put Lake County first.

Hanna Waugh

Lake County


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