In this letter to the editor, I’m writing about something that happened to me on Tuesday, January 5 in the afternoon. In an attempt to pay my January bills, one of which is my parking sign in front of my house, I went in and was informed that the city was not accepting payments for the signs and that the police would no longer tow cars parked in my space. My house is a 100+ year old Victorian on a small lot. There is no garage. The only place that I have to park is on the street. Also, I live two blocks off of the avenue, so even during non-event times, others would park there if there were no sign (and sometimes even with the sign), especially in the winter because my wonderful neighbors keep it plowed for me. As I am now in my 70s it would be extremely difficult for me to take things in and out of my house (in the winter it becomes life threatening because a fall could disable me).

The reason being given to me is that it is a public street and it may not be legal to have the sign on a public street. How come after 20+ years, the city has just figured this out? Whenever a long-standing policy is all of a sudden changed with no good explanation, it not only irritates me but also makes me angry and suspicious.

Also, I have left phone calls for the mayor and city clerk two times last week in hopes of getting an answer — so far the silence is deafening. I’m with Vanessa Langston who was quoted by the Herald as saying “Save the people who loved this town so much that they bought a home to live here.”

I don’t know what is driving this change — is it a lawsuit of some kind or what?

Anyway, now fellow Leadvillians can be aware of this situation and should request a hearing on this matter, preferably in person so that we can look our City Council members in the eyes. We can even have the meeting in a large place with masks and social distancing.

Sue Johnson


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