On January 4 I flew to Washington D.C. to pray for our Nation during this time of confusion and darkness. On January 5, 6, and 7 I was present on the National Mall. I carried a flag which dates back to the Revolutionary War. It is a flag commissioned by George Washington; flown on the warships and carried by Washington’s troops.  The white flag, with a lone pine tree, displayed the phrase, “An Appeal to Heaven.” George Washington realized that being heavily outnumbered by the English army, the Colonists would not succeed without Divine intervention thus their last hope was, “An Appeal to Heaven.”

The destiny of our nation was forged in an experiment of freedom.  This land of freedom has been a hope, and beacon of light, to nations throughout the world.

As individuals, we each have worth, value and a destiny. When separated from a Creator God who loves us, it may seem we are relegated to simply being a ‘cog in a machine’ that carries no intrinsic value. We are all created with tenacious audacity that dares to believe that, even in the darkest hour when there seems to be no hope, there is something more. This is true for individuals, communities and nations.

Each of us are created to know, and be engaged by, the challenge of never settling for something less, but striving for “the more”. As a nation we have a history on one hand tainted by injustice, on the other countless lives have found a quality of life and freedom many only dream of.

I saw firsthand the events of January 6 as they unfolded at the Capitol building. What has been reported in the media is only true in part. Coverage was selective in presenting a negative image of events. All day long I had the opportunity to pray with concerned citizens for the future of our nation, as we made “An Appeal to Heaven” for something more. In the days ahead let us all hold our country in prayer. I know that God has a plan and a destiny for the United States of America. In the midst of confusion and darkness there is hope.

David Horning


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