From case counts to financial assistance, numbers are essential to understanding a holistic picture of COVID-19 in local communities.

The data compiled below is a numerical snapshot of the COVID-19 pandemic in Lake County. Most of the numbers presented are for mid-March through early July.

— Fifty-five Lake County residents tested positive for COVID-19. Thirty-two were diagnosed by the viral test; 23 through the antibody test.

— The City of Leadville handed out $200,000 in business relief grants to 61 businesses. The average grant was for $3,279.

— With the help of Cloud City Conservation Center, St. George Community Meals distributed 5,319 boxes of food and 170,000 pounds of food to over 200 unduplicated households in Lake County.

— The Lake County Community Auction, “Share the Love,” raised over $45,000 for local businesses and COVID-19 relief efforts.

— Lake County Public Health Agency released seven public health orders.

— With assistance from St. Vincent Hospital and Vail Health, Melanzana sewed and distributed over 25,000 medical grade masks to essential workers.

— With the help of other youth-serving agencies, Full Circle of Lake County distributed over 6,250 youth activity packets.

— Over 1,200 COVID-19 tests, including the diagnostic and antibody test, were conducted in Lake County.

— Lake County School District delivered over 137,400 meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekly produce bags, to local students.

— Lake County Department of Human Services issued $67,000 in Disaster Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits to 61 households.

— Lake County Build a Generation organized the creation and distribution of 623 handmade face masks. The nonprofit also coordinated community volunteers in performing 492 acts of service.

— To date, there have been zero fatalities in Lake County due to COVID-19.

— The Lake County Unmet Needs Committee, a group formed by Lake County Community Fund, Full Circle and Build a Generation to pool and distribute coronavirus relief funds, distributed over $222,000 to 279 households in housing, utility and cash assistance.

— Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation granted $30,000 to local businesses through a business relief grant program.

— Lake County Public Health Agency approved the reopening of 101 local businesses through its application process.

— The Lake County Community Fund raised $139,742 for the organization’s disaster relief fund, thanks to 103 different donors. The relief fund is one source of funding for the Unmet Needs Committee.

When I began to gather these numbers, the majority of respondents emailed back data with some sort of attribution explaining how other local organizations were essential in their response to COVID-19 — a testament to the strength of community partnerships across Lake County.

Rachel Woolworth

Herald Editor

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