Lauren Boebert, U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District (that’s us), should resign.

Boebert supports overturning the election results and she has encouraged acts of sedition. On the morning of Jan. 6 she tweeted “Today is 1776”. Her objection to the Electoral College vote was part of her role in promulgating lies of election fraud. Over 50 lawsuits of election fraud have been dismissed or decided against by the courts, by many Republican appointed judges. Many state Republican election officials have also defended their processes and the results.

Her actions on Jan. 6 were political theater, she was playing to her political aspirations, a deadly play. Prior to Jan. 6 it was known there were not the votes in Congress to change the electoral vote count, yet she chose to participate in a lie before the violence and she chose to continue to speak this lie after seeing the deadly results of her actions, as a U.S. Capital policeman was attacked and died from his subsequent injuries. Now there is reporting that there may have been plans to harm legislators.

The language of violence has been used throughout the current administration, including the rally on the morning of Jan. 6. Boebert chose to align herself with this language, yet from the perspective available today there is no recognition of poor judgment, no apology from Boebert for her actions.

She is not to be trusted in Congress; she is not to be trusted to uphold our legal rights.

Jackie Duba


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