I was grateful to see John Scott’s letter printed in the March 25 Herald about “not guilty until convicted.” I hated to see that charges were filed on the Kents, but will wait until the trials conclude to believe what really happened. As humans, we are so quick to judge without removing the “log from our own eyes.”

I just wanted to share that my personal experience with both of the Kents was good — they were always very kind and courteous to me when I was at funerals and memorials. I also had one of my dogs taken to Summit County for cremation and Ms. Kent was just so very helpful.  When Shannon served as county coroner, he was extremely good with my neighbor when her husband died suddenly.

What bothers me most about this case is that everyone is quick to criticize without remembering what Mr. and Ms. Kent contributed to our community. I’m always reminded about a recovery saying: ”When you’re pointing your finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you.”

I hope the Kents, whatever their flaws or alleged crimes, know that there are many of us who appreciate what they did in the past and wish them the very best as they fight through our criminal (in)justice system and make their lives in the future. I can only wish them the best and remember them for their service to Lake County and Leadville.

Annie Livingston-Garrett


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