Before I get to the point of this letter, I want to say that all the many travelers who’ve come through town this summer have been very generous with the merchants and for this we are grateful. Leadville is my hometown, I have deep roots here, and I believe in supporting the community. However, I am fearful that all who love and promote this town may have to face some troubling facts.

My complaints are basic. Too many campers are trashing our national forests, too many ATVs driving on city streets and too many races that have taken place in spite of the health department saying “not this year”.

To address these complaints I offer the following: first, we love campers, we hate trash. Second, ATV’s are awesome as long as the drivers are considerate and responsible while on them. And third, in regard to the races, our town has had to cancel every treasured annual event rather than harm the county’s health. What makes the 100-mile races exempt from the rules?

As a community we try our best to follow the guidelines and to help one another daily any way we can, especially during this time of difficulty and uncertainty. 

And so, rather than complain when I see our town treated with disrespect, I’ve determined not to go on being a complacent spectator. Rather, I hope my words reflect the sentiments of all who feel troubled enough to address behaviors that are injurious to our beloved community.

Deb Vincent



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