Every time there’s a world-changing event, there are a number of buzz words that spring into use.

Take “new normal.” As soon as the pandemic became part of our lives, we were talking about the “new normal” and what it might mean. And truthfully, “new normal” has all the buzzy coolness you might wish for in a phrase. Unlike phrases such as “shop local,” it doesn’t even rely on incorrect grammar to get its point across.

According to Urban Dictionary, “new normal” is the current state of being after some dramatic change has transpired; something that replaces the expected, the usual, and the typical after an event occurs.

So of course something like a pandemic is followed by a “new normal.” That’s where, some might say, we are right now, defining what the “new normal” will be once all sensible people get vaccinated and some of the constraints are lifted so we can grocery shop without fear.

What lies in Leadville’s future? Will Boom Days return to Harrison Avenue? We suspect it will, although we aren’t sure when. Will performers return to the stage of the Tabor Opera House? Will races resume, both bike and running? Will the race naysayers dust off their soapboxes and get back to attacking these events? Will the schools reopen this coming year complete with sports, concerts and the annual musical? Will in-person graduation return during Memorial Day weekend? Will the Community Meals be up and running?

Notice anything?

I’m not outlining a “new normal” for Leadville. I’m outlining the “old normal” that we experienced before the pandemic. Most people will probably admit that they want to put the past year on the shelf somewhere and go back to where we were in March 2020.

Remember what you had planned for summer 2020? For the most part, it probably didn’t happen. Will you reschedule for summer 2021? Will you have new plans? Or will you wait and see?

There are many lessons that we all learned during 2020 and beyond. One is probably to stop postponing things with the assumption that there will always be time in the future to do whatever it was.

So, no more postponing. Let’s start this summer and try to recreate the past that passed us by. Let’s visit the restaurants, museums and bars in town, making up for the missed visits in 2020 and beyond. Let’s do away with the Zoom meetings and go back to communicating in person. Face to face. Let’s find ways to enjoy Leadville and Lake County just as the tourists do.

Spring is almost here, so it’s time to look ahead. Daylight savings time has arrived. Can’t say that the snow has melted, but it’s bound to happen one of these weeks.

Pick your own version of “new normal” or “old normal.” Or perhaps settle on no normal at all. After all, we’re talking about Leadville.

Contact Martinek at marcia@leadvilleherald.com.

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