We first came to Leadville in the early 2000s to camp with friends at Turquoise Lake. Later we brought our grandchildren here for their first camping trip. Then we rented short-term vacation properties and skied during Christmas and spring breaks. Then we stayed in Leadville hotels on the nights before and after our 10th Mountain Division winter hut trips with friends.

One brilliant summer afternoon, after returning our grandchildren to their parents in Golden, we were downtown on closed Harrison Avenue watching the first burros cross the finish line during the Boom Days burro race. We were hooked. We walked right into a downtown realty office and began the search for our second home, something we had never dreamed of before.

After three years of searching, we purchased a small West Park home and began a pattern of commuting for summer and winter vacations. After seven years our grandkids and frequent guests outgrew the house, so we popped the top off and added a second story. After a few more years we began a vacation rental agreement with a local realty, yet we still spend a majority of our time here in Leadville.

Clearly, we adore this town. And we also adored the wonderful swimming pool three minutes away, and used it several times each week.

We spent the winter of 2021 here, a couple weeks in late May, and now a month in September. No pool. Without a pool, life for us here is really not the same. We didn’t think we would feel the loss so intensely, but we do. At any age the loss of a swimming pool would be a quality of life issue, but at ages 70 and 75, perhaps it is even more so. We are considering moving to a community with a public pool so that we can resume our daily swims. We urge Lake County to work on an immediate solution to replace the swimming pool in Leadville.

Harry Threlkeld


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