Experience. That is what we need from our candidates in this election.

The Democrats running this year have the experience we need to move out of 2020 and into the future.

— County Commissioners: Sarah Mudge has served our county well in the last four years. If you don’t think that it’s a hard job, sit in on a few commissioner meetings. She has gained a tremendous amount of on the job training. Her opponent did not even take the time to answer the Herald Democrat’s questions so we have really no idea of how he would govern. Jeff Fielder has only lived in our county for 10 years, but in that 10 years, he has proved to be a good Lake County citizen. He is serving on the school board and the Lake County Build a Generation board. These organizations are hard jobs, but Jeff has proved his leadership ability on these two boards. 

— CHD61: Julie McCluskie has represented our district for the last two years. She has fought for us for educational funding, reduced healthcare and climate change. I have listened to her speak on several occasions. She definitely fights for her districts’ interests.

— CD3: Diane Mitsh Bush is a doer. She was a state representative from Steamboat. While she was in the state legislature, she prided herself on working across the aisle to get the job done. She has the experience in government and how to get it done. 

— District Attorney: I also have heard Heidi McCollum speak. She comes across as very levelheaded. She has been the assistant district attorney for several years, so she has the experience.

— Colorado State School Board for CD3: Now this is one election that I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. I had the opportunity to hear Mayling Simpson speak. This is a non-paying position. She is running for this office because she sees that our educational system could use her broad experience both abroad and domestic. This is an important vote for our children!

— Colorado Senate: John Hickenlooper has a tremendous amount of experience in our government. He is levelheaded and is determined to work with both Democrats and Republicans to help get our country back on its feet and in a positive direction. Gardner, on the other hand, is just a rubber stamp for our president. Coloradoans have realized that the couple of tidbits that Gardner has tossed Coloradoans don’t make up for all of his votes against our best interests, insteadof favoring interests of his big donors.

— Last but certainly not least: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the experience, leadership ability and morals that I want to see in the next administration. Biden will bring normalcy back to Washington. I am tired of going to bed and having the president say one thing and then wake up the next morning to him saying the opposite because the stock market tanked that day. If you think that Donald Trump really cares if you or your love ones die, I’ll sell you a bridge.

Harry Camp

Lake County

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