Have you heard the phrase “Just a little help from a friend?” Seniors in our community often need that help.

A few good example would be: I would like to have my carpets cleaned, but prior to having the carpet cleaners come in, I need the smaller items in my living room moved out of the way; I would like to get my yard work done before winter, and it would be great if I knew someone to call to do that; I hesitate to ask for assistance because I know everyone is busy, but if I knew that there was a list of people who have offered to volunteer, I would not feel that I was putting a burden on someone.

The coordinator at the Lake County Senior Center is proposing such a group. The volunteers would register with the senior center and let them know the kind of help they would be willing to offer.

The volunteers would offer assistance with tasks at seniors’ homes. What if you need light bulbs replaced and do not feel comfortable getting on a stepladder? Or you need items taken to your garage for storage? It could be someone to mow your lawn or manage other minor yard work.

I urge people in our community that have the time and want to help to call Judy Mayne at the Lake County Senior Center (719-486-1774) to learn more about volunteering. Help a Senior Volunteer Program is a great idea, don’t you think?

Ruth Purkat


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