They’re back! The speed bumps on Mount Massive Drive are back. To be honest, I hate ‘em. I feel that I am a safe driver and go the speed limit. I know not everyone does. But since the speed bumps were taken out a couple of years ago for construction, it seems that people have been driving closer to the speed limit on that road, which, in my opinion, isn’t the case on most of our city streets. I recommend more interactive signage that posts the speed limit and shows the actual speed a passing vehicle is traveling. Maybe that will remind drivers what the speed limit is and show them what they are actually driving.  These “speed bumps” are hazardous to our vehicles. They are so sharp that you have to go over them at less than five miles per hour, and even at that speed you’d need your shocks and struts replaced within a couple years! Please come up with a better way to get drivers to be responsible. 

Betsy Kalmeyer

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