Our Founding Fathers wisely and intentionally created the Electoral College and embodied it in the United States Constitution to assure that the less populated states would always have a voice and a vote in presidential elections. Proposition 113 attempts to sidestep the U.S. Constitution. Prop. 113 wants only the national popular vote to decide future presidential elections. Thereby, the most populated states, primarily those on the east and west coasts, would have an overwhelming influence and dominate all future presidential elections. As the editorial in the Herald Democrat correctly stated “This means Colorado’s nine electors could, one day, be awarded to a candidate who did not win the state’s popu lar vote.” 

In the 2016 presidential e l e c t i o n , H i l l a r y C l i n t o n won a plurality, not a majority, of the national popular vote. Clinton won 48% versus Trump’s 46%, a margin of 2%. Hillary Clinton did carry Colorado, and therefore Colorado’s nine electoral votes were rightly cast in her favor in the Electoral C o l l e g e . S o , t h e m a j o r ity voice of the Colorado voters was heard and counted. However, when all 50 states’ votes were tabulated in the Electoral College, President T r u m p c a r r i e d 3 0 s t a t e s t o C l i n t o n ’ s 2 0 s t a t e s , a 60%/40% marginal difference and 57% of the Electoral College votes. The significant  point is, the voice of the voters from all 50 states was heard in determining the next president of the United States. The system worked as the Founders intended.

Please preserve Colorado’s voter’s integrity and constitutional right. Vote “no” on Proposition 113.

Carl Miller


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