As chair of the Lake County Democrats, I would like to talk a little about each of our candidates. This year has been so difficult for all of us, and we need experience in our leaders to help us get through the continuing crisis of COVID-19, the aftermath of this pandemic when it finally ends, and the economic chaos caused by the pandemic and the poor response of our federal government to control the pandemic.

Our local candidates, Sarah Mudge for County Commissioner District 2, and Jeff Fiedler for County Commissioner District 3 have that experience. Commissioner Mudge has worked four years dealing with the financial ins and outs of our county. She understands where we stand, where we need to go and how to get there. I trust that Sarah will lead us in the most thoughtful and careful way in the upcoming years. Candidate Fiedler has 3 years on the Lake County School Board, and 20 years of experience in policy and management consulting for environmental non-profits.

Their opponents have little governmental experience. In fact, according to her LinkedIn profile, Hanna Waugh has never held a job for longer than 19 months in the last nine years. And, I think it is extremely relevant that the chair of the Lake County Republicans wrote a letter to the paper last week endorsing a candidate from another party, but not her own candidate for commissioner. (See “Benson endorses Waugh”, Oct 1, 2020, pg.7).

Our candidate for Colorado House District 61, Julie McCluskie, also has the experience we need. She is the incumbent candidate. I hope you have had the opportunity to meet her on one of her many visits to our county. She has fought for affordable healthcare, educational funding and climate change initiatives for wildfire mitigation. Julie sits on the Joint Budget Committee, and has the experience we need to navigate the next two years.

Heidi McCollum is running unopposed for District Attorney in Judicial District 5. She has been an assistant district attorney here for many years, and will bring that experience to the job for our benefit.

Diane Mitsch Bush is our democratic candidate for Congressional District 3. She again has years of experience in government and is known for being pragmatic and working across the aisle to solve difficult issues. She is multi-faceted, unlike her opponent who seems to only care about her own fame.

Mayling Simpson, Ph.D., is our candidate for the Colorado School Board for CD 3. She is an amazing woman with diverse experiences both domestic and international. She will work for the betterment of our state school board to make sure our children receive the best education.

Of course, I hope you will also vote for our other well-qualified candidates: John Hickenlooper for Senate, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice-President. Their leadership will bring the country back to a county we can be proud of. So, please, vote for the well-being of our country and our fellow citizens.

Tracey Lauritzen

Lake County Democratic Central Committee Chair

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