It has been an honor to work for you Leadvillians at the City of Leadville these past seven and a half years. Side by side with the mayor and City Council, I believe that we have managed with grace, pride and great ethics. The accomplishments I have had the privilege to be part of will forever be a source of great reflection and satisfaction.

I am particularly proud to have been involved with the Tabor Opera House acquisition from private ownership to ownership as a public venue and have been part of the fundraising efforts for the critical $1.5 million phase one restoration project of this endangered place and national treasure. I have had the distinct honor of working towards completing many essential projects, from signage master plans, to grants to pay for those signs, to the We Love Leadville homage monument.

Although the large projects have been thrilling, it’s really been the day-to-day public service that has been particularly special. City staff in every department and the colleagues I have worked alongside in other agencies each care so much about serving our community and being a source of timely and critical information and safety for you, the citizens of Leadville. Being selected Best of Leadville’s best city employee for five years continues to astound me — I will always remember that honor.

Indeed, I have poured my heart and soul into this position for our city. Initially, I had no idea what to expect and how much faith our elected officials and volunteers would place in me to bring to realization their visions and missions. I am forever changed and humbled in my understanding of what community is and its definition. Cities indeed shape how we feel. Leadville is a quirky, gritty, old soul that attracts tenacity and makes one operate in absolute authenticity. Perhaps it’s the severity of the climate or the nature of the people drawn to call it home — regardless, Leadville is magic.

As my life has changed in recent years and is now forcing me onward to new adventures, it is with sweet sorrow and excitement for what lies ahead that I bid you all farewell. Luckily, I won’t be far, just a little further south, and I will continue to check in to see what following chapters will be written for Leadville.

I again am full of appreciation for Mayor Labbe and Mayor Stuever, the 18 council members, the planning, main street, historic preservation and urban renewal authority boards, the countless volunteers, and the citizens of Leadville for your passion and love of Leadville.

Sarah Dallas


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