Leadville Elks Lodge #236 has a ton of local support from their local members and townsfolk but the Elks span more than locally, we are located all over the country. 

Thanks to the help of the Elks National Foundation (ENF) we were able to apply for and take advantage of several grants this past December, one of which was the $2,000 Gratitude Grant. When I submitted the application, I had no idea how it would be received, but to my surprise, the ENF decided that our cause was worthy of such an honor.

The Leadville Elks trustees and members decided that we wanted to support, in whatever way we could, our local first responders. That included the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Leadville Police Department, the fire department and the ambulance district. We decided that during this time, the thing we wanted to provide them was personal protective equipment, which to us meant face masks, shields and gloves. By protecting them, they protect us. 

With the help of Mabel Bogeart of Lake County Public Works, we were able to accomplish this mission. She contacted the right people and was able to not only order the PPE’s, she also was gracious enough to organize the socially distant event to get all of us together.

The Elks, through the Elks National Fund, was able to provide the first responders of Lake County with $2,000 worth of PPE.

This community is like no other and that is proven everyday by the work done to get things like this accomplished.

Jill Kerrigan

Leadville Elks Lodge #236

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