We became taxpayers in Lake County when we bought our home here in 2005. As a resident of the county versus the city, I have observed with great concern the lack of quality and competence of our previously-elected sheriffs (note: I am not speaking of our deputies). The situation with our last elected sheriff has led me to become active for the first time in an election for sheriff.  Having reviewed the current candidates, I am excited to throw my support behind Leadville’s current Chief of Police Hal Edwards.  

Lake County voters have a golden opportunity to choose a man with a proven track record of over 20 years of law enforcement experience; a man who has the maturity and honed instincts to deal with all aspects of the job, from emergency and catastrophic situations (e.g. wildfires) to the usual daily issues facing the department. Chief Edwards is a man also seasoned in handling the broad array of administrative, human resource, liaison and budgetary requirements of the job. He is a man who aggressively sought to address a manpower problem by seeking out local talent to recruit to the police academy and hire on to the Leadville police force. Edwards is a man of integrity who would run the sheriff’s department with competence, efficiency, transparency, sensitivity, and with respect and support for his colleagues at the department and the city. He has lived in Leadville/Lake County with his wife for over 12 years and loves this area as I do. I am confident that he will do all in his power to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors. 

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