The following real estate transactions took place in Leadville/Lake County during the month of October 2017, based on information from the Lake County assessor.


Address • Price Seller Buyer

407 E. 8th St. $282,500 Kennedy/Kellerby Strehle

1667 Four Seasons Blvd. $255,000 Guerrero Francis

116 E. 12th St. $155,000 Vigil/Romero Lopez/Luna/Escalera

129 E. 3rd St. $140,000 Squier Neal/Pacheco

601 W. 2nd St. $140,000 Agan/Gowing Key

524 E. 8th St. $345,000 Vergos Prant/Lieberman

602 Dexter $242,340 Zeh Higby

408 Chestnut $189,000 Petey Mackey

1613 Mt. Wilson Dr. $190,000 Birkle Smith

1833 Ridgeview Dr. $179,500 Rivera Smith

1012 Harrison Ave. $220,000 Estate of Eileen Bertolas Bullock

419 E. 8th St. $175,000 Soroka Mathews

1505 Mount Massive Dr. $187,500 Wadsworth Allen

301 Elm St. $232,000 Roy Perfors

521 Elm St. $257,400 Weddle Gruntmane/Turpin

122 E. 8th St. $65,000 Wadman Zebrowski

112 E. 3rd St. $391,189 Silvis Brewster

1526 Empire Valley Dr. $367,500 Woodard Kelley

222 W. 6th St. $189,500 BigHorn, LLC Barr

October Sales: $4,203,429


Address • Price Seller Buyer

419 Hwy. 82 $50,000 Trout Krantz

488/408 Parry Peak Dr. Lots 21-24, Blk 33 $68,000 Distel Pohl

North Leadville Lot 27, Blk 56 $92,000 Schamberger Miller

Edmonds Terrace $31,000 Narduzzi Causer

75 Empire Valley Dr. $46,990 Glater Merchant

530/550 Cedar Dr. $28,000 Bogard Majecki

Parcel 1-A, Tract 7 $145,000 Hottie Gladdis/Huth

Lot 15, Gordon Acres $65,000 Smallwood Stafford

588 Juniper Dr. $9,250 Rattay Edson

222 W. 6th St. $189,500 BigHorn, LLC Barr

October Sales: $724,740


Address • Price Seller Buyer

500 Harrison Ave. $425,000 Harder-Diesslin Development Group LLC Benjamin Wolf LLC

October Sales: $425,000

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