The following real estate transactions took place in Leadville/Lake County during the month of January 2020, based on information from the Lake County assessor.


Residential sales

Address Price Seller Buyer

412 E. 2nd St. $220,000 Halcomb Bagley

96 Meadows Dr. $459,000 Gregory Webb and Wiebe

314 W. 8th St. $375,000 Dillon and Kurihara Cole and Sosin

1122 S. Highway 24 $565,000 Rimbert WPP, LLC

1074 Elm St. $345,300 Brown Balchen

13765 S. Highway 24 $437,600 Wibbenmeyer Wood

703 Elm St. $67,500 Martinez Nicholas

120 Mt. Traver Dr. $230,000 Nolen-Kimble Macy and Dubler

739 Cedar Dr. $323,800 Dickson Lovely and Leigh

117 Daisy Dr. $655,000 Dirienzo Rew

625 E. 11th St. $678,200 Northcraft Neighborhoods, LLC Brown and Bellas-Dow

500 W. 8th St. $339,300 D'Mize and Reyes Gino

213 W. 17th St. $363,500 Wyatt Hall

128 1/2 E. 3rd St. $80,000 Jennings Weed

January Residential Sales $5,704,200

Mobile Home sales

Address Price Seller Buyer

612 W. Mountain View $10,000 Pizana Castillo De la Cruz

58 Lake Fork $42,000 Analy Castro

107 Lake Fork $27,675 St. George Episcopal Mission Hernandez

21 E. Mountain View $25,000 NP Leadville Homes, LLC Bujanda

January Mobile Home Sales $104,675


Address Price Seller Buyer

Prcl. 1-A Tract 53 $30,000 Povenski Murphy

495 County Road 55 $130,000 High Country ARR, LLLC Leonard

275 Stargazer Circle $22,000 Boeve Booth

776 Peak View Dr. $18,000 Ward Lancaster

4193 Badger $39,900 Bzhang LLC Garth and Richards

706 Agate St. $224,400 CMH Homes, Inc. Martinez

852 Birch Dr. $29,500 Breitzman Chambers

66 Empire Valley Dr. $35,000 Keiser Harman

88 Empire Valley Dr. $35,000 Keiser Harman

517 Augusta Dr. $73,000 Mattern Rimbert

143 Spruce Dr. $7,000 Barker Gazaway

112 Brooklyn Circle $45,000 Black Street

114 Brooklyn Circle $36,000 Black Bradford and Miller

Prcl. 3A Sonny N Stephen $80,000 Jones Moutoux

Prcl. 3B Sonny N Stephen $90,000 Jones Hichie LLC

Prcl. 3C Sonny N Stephen $70,000 Jones Moutoux

475 Birch Dr.. $14,500 Santucci Sarrge and Slavetskas

January Vacant Land Sales $1.052,300

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