Adele Horning races

Adele Horning races in the Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals. She placed 30th in the under-16 age group for classic; 70th for skate.

Adele Horning, a Nordic skier for both Cloud City Ski Club and Lake County High School, recently raced in the Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals. The competition took place at the Auburn Ski Club Nordic trails on Donner Summit in California in early March.

Horning represented Rocky Mountain Nordic at the competition in the under-16 female age group. She competed against the best Nordic skiers her age from around the country.

The first race was a 5K individual-start classic race on March 9. Adele noted that her classic skis did not have as much kick as she would have liked.

However, Horning commented on how she was able to overcome this challenge. “During the classic race, I couldn’t change my slick kick wax. I could change my attitude. Instead of getting angry and giving up, I focused on my attitude and raced hard,” she said.

Horning finished 30th out of 73 racers in the classic race. This included beating every skier who had outpaced her a week before at the Colorado championships when she had been sick.

“From a results perspective, Adele’s classic race was very strong,” Horning’s Lake County coach Karl Remsen said. “But her results are far less important to me than how she was able to maintain a positive attitude even when things weren’t perfect for her. We have worked a lot as a team on focusing on things you can control, and I was impressed that Adele put this into action even at this level of competition.”

On March 11, Adele competed in a skate sprint. Adele said, “Skate sprints have been hard for me all year, but I was proud of how hard I pushed throughout the qualifier.” Adele placed 70th in the race.

Unfortunately, the final two races were cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Horning was saddened not to be able to race in the skate distance race and the classic relay.

“Racing at the National level was an amazing experience,” Horning said. “I enjoyed skiing with friends in a new and beautiful place. I appreciated connecting with athletes from many different teams and watching the Rocky Mountain Nordic team unite and work together.”

Horning said she is also thankful for all the family, friends, and community members who helped to fund her trip to Junior Nationals. “It was amazing to see my community, family, and friends so excited that I qualified. I am humbled by all the support they gave me.”

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