Rowan Slivka

Lake County High School student Rowan Slivka races to a sixth place finish at the Panthers last home slalom race of the season.

Last Thursday, the Panthers competed in their final home high school slalom race at Ski Cooper. In addition to our home team, ski teams from Summit, Nederland and Durango joined the event.

It was a cold day, but the calm winds made for great and fast skiing. Lake County coaches and racers were thrilled to have most of their team together for the last home race of the season.

The Lake County High School girls ski team placed third overall. Rowynn Slivka was the first Lake County girl to finish, placing sixth overall. Taylor Duel placed seventh while Cassidy Gillies placed eighth.

The boys team placed fourth overall. Matt Cairns was the first Lake County boy to finish, placing 12th overall. Jace Peters placed 17th and Eddie Glaser placed 20th.

Not only were Lake County racers appreciative of the chance to host and ski fast on a great course, but John McMurtry, executive director of the Lake County Community Fund and former U.S. Ski Team coach shared his appreciation for the event. “Congratulations and thank you and all of your staff and volunteers for the great race yesterday at Ski Cooper,” he said. “There were a lot of smiles and happy student-athletes. Excellent organization, course sets, and snow conditions resulted in a tremendous event.”

Lake County High School racers will head to Loveland on March 2 for their last event of the season before the state championship event.

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