Though the 2020 Leadville Race Series (LRS) summer events have all been canceled, the organization has created a new virtual event to maintain its presence in the endurance community over the summer and to provide support for Leadville and Lake County. The “Leadville 100,000-foot Challenge” asks participants to clock 100,000 feet of elevation gain June 13-August 22 (by foot) or June 20-August 15 (on a bike), with results reported on the honor system to LRS. Entry fee is $100, with all proceeds to be donated via Life Time Foundation to the Lake County School District’s COVID-19 food relief program.

LRS announced the challenge June 11. By June 13, over 400 runners and bikers had signed up, according to Quinn Cooper of Life Time’s athlete services. Most entrants will be attempting to meet this challenge wherever they live, with a high percentage of non-Coloradans and over a dozen international addresses. There are currently fourteen entrants in both the run and bike categories, aiming toward a total 200,000-foot elevation gain by August 22.

Last Saturday, an estimated 50 socially distancing runners were spread out over Leadville’s east side and the Mosquito Pass road, many clocking their first elevation-challenge gains. The yellow t-shirts of Warriors’ Ascent “Team Leadville” were prominent, continuing their tradition of raising money for veterans’ and first-responders’ post-traumatic stress services in the Front Range in association with LRS.

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